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Who is Ethan

Ethan Fierro carries the artisan bloodline of his Spanish/Italian forebears proudly in his veins. Most directly influenced by his father and grandfather’s artistic talent. Growing up on the Island of Martha’s Vineyard, Massachusetts, Fierro pays moment-to-moment homage to the intrinsic beauty found in the collaboration with the natural world. Currently living on Maui, Hawaii for the past decade he brings his artistic expression to this Pacific venue. Fierro’s talents include: Painting, Woodworking, Metallurgy, Stone sculpting, Jewelry making, Design, Poetry and Authorship.

Ethan Fierro Works of Art, LTD


As a multi-media artist, I feel the creative approach to life offers the opportunity to up-lift our Soul in reverence to the Source of all forms… offering respect to this great mystery of Life we share… 
And by guiding this process of “inspiration-into-form”, we are enriched by the reflection of beauty inherent in the outcome… the artistic expression.



With a comprehensive manufacturing facility in Kahului, HI and an ever expanding team of artistic partners, Fierro and his team collaborate as intermediaries between the ethereal realms of inspiration, concept and design, and the manifestation of structural forms. “We work locally and internationally… Hawaii is actually a conveniently located hub for shipping our work.”

Responding to a deep and ancient calling, Fierro began working with stone shortly after escaping unscathed from a falling half-ton slab of granite. Initially balancing stones for pleasure on the beach, this quickly evolved into creating large balanced “cairns” made permanent with metal rods in their balanced position. As well, basins, lanterns and fountains emerged from this passion.
Maui’s pentagonal river stones offer a new sculptural medium for the Fierro stone palette. Lanterns, torchiers and fountains all depict the myriad possibilities evoked from these shapes…

Deeply moved by the gift that the Japanese have given to the world in regards to wood technology, Fierro, who grew up the son of an artist, completed a five-year Japanese-style woodworking apprenticeship and has taken this refined approach to new heights on the island of Maui.
Attracting a team of the finest woodworkers on the island, Fierro is now one of the top woodworking manufacturers in the region. Utilizing millworking machinery and traditional Japanese handtools, Fierro’s team creates a wide array of “functional sculpture” : Full wood interiors, staircases, windows, doors, teahouses, meditation huts, pavilions, shoji, furniture, lamps, furo (cedar soaking tubs), and an assortment of architectural details; all are intended to develop that deliciously rich characteristic of time and usage: wabi-sabi.
This element of beauty found in the aging sheen of patina amplifies the understated and refined aesthetic Fierro and his team employ in architectural magnificence beyond words

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Ethan Fierro Works of Art, LTD

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Ethan Fierro has done several major construction jobs for me over the last three years. These include designing and building a Japanese-style teahouse on our property, a custom-designed front door and a custom cabinet for supplies for tea ceremony (which my wife studies). 
His work is of the highest quality. The teahouse, in fact, has been featured in media in Japan. Ethan has a genius and a flair for creative challenges. Moreover, his technical craftsmanship is at a level almost impossible to find in carpenters.
But what sets him apart are personal qualities; he is a pleasure to work with. Ethan’s ethical standards are superb; I trust him utterly (a rare relief in dealing with contractors). Beyond that, he is a delight to be around, exhibiting those qualities of empathy, listening, and sensitivity that I wrote about in my book, Emotional Intelligence.
I recommend him without reservation. 
–Daniel Goleman

I am writing to confirm Mr. Ethan Fierro has a skill and taste in Japanese room. I am very satisfied with what he did for me. 
Especially my Japanese room was started by someone else and gave up the job half done. 
Mr. Fierro was most agreeable to take up the job and finished in promised time. I am very grateful for that.
–Keiko Thayer President, Boston Japan Society

I am writing on behalf of Ethan Fierro who worked in my studio as a master craftsman on several projects. In one project he helped construct a small pavilion for a private residence and in another he traveled with my crew to construct the exterior gardens and sculptural elements for the Federal Drug Administration Building just outside of Washington DC. Besides being a master of his woodworking craft, Ethan is a creative, energetic problem solver , a very good worker and team member.   I highly recommend his work and personal character. –Michael Singer, international environmental artist and designer

I recently contracted Ethan Fierro for a project at our home on Martha’s Vineyard. Ethan was exceedingly pleasant to work with and very thorough in his execution of the project. In summary, Was he on time? Yes 
Was he on budget? Yes
Would I hire him again? Absolutely!
–Peter Huson

Ethan Fierro designed us a gorgeous gazebo that compliments the landscaping but also adds a special dimension of serenity. Ethan brings a full artistic personality to his work, including a sense of humor, quirky work hours, spirited use of recycled materials and a reverence for the creative act. He is also a thorough businessman and the only contractor we have ever employed in twenty-five years who actually finished the job exactly on time. 
–Katie George

Ethan made me a shoji door that was both elegant and practical. I think his skills are one of the best in the market. The whole shoji was handmade by him and every little detail was designed with a lot of thought and precision. 
His dedication and his serious attitude toward his work made me feel confident working with him. 
I strongly recommend Ethan.
–George Wu

This letter is a strong and thoroughly positive endorsement of the fine landscaping stone work done for us by Ethan Fierro. The scope of this work included the selection and placement of field boulders, stone steps embedded in a bank as a stairway, driveway entrance definitions including a wall and large boulder and finally a delicately balanced and very distinctive monument.  Ethan is extraordinarily capable and equally responsible. He is skilled in this work as well as very innovative and artistic. We respect and enjoy him as a person and as a talented and adaptable professional. 
We will enthusiastically call on Ethan again for any future needs we may have. 
–John Luke

Ethan is an unusual combination of artist, sculptor, fabricator and craftsman. In his work on my penthouse roof terrace pergola, I found Ethan to be expert in his abilities and sincere in his sensibilities. –Lance J. Brown, FAIA Professor, School of Architecture, City College, NYC

I would highly recommend Ethan for any project which would mix artistry, precision and practicality. He has the background to complete a large renovation project or a single piece of furniture and produce an excellent result -Paul Tuller, Ethan’s mentor In Japanese woodwork

Ethan Fierro Works of Art, LTD
Ethan Fierro
325 Hukilike Street, Bay #4
Kahului, Hi 96732
cell: (808) 757-3083
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